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Classes run nationwide in September each year. You can also study via Distance/Online Learning.                    


The payroll function is probably the only function which affects every employee in every company. Employers need to ensure that payroll staff are given the necessary training to enable them to perform their duties to the  highest standard. Apart from the positive effect on all staff, which an accurate and efficient payroll service will generate, employers need to ensure that inadequate or inaccurate knowledge of their payroll staff does not lead  to problems with the Revenue, the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation and the Department of Social Protection. In the present era of self assessment and Revenue audits, professionally qualified payroll staff can make a huge difference to the financial and functional performance of any business.

The CPT course is run in 2 stages; Stage 1 & Stage 2, each comprising of 1 class per week, of 3 hours duration per class for 9 weeks. The classes allow ample time to complete the course of study and include sufficient time to allow students to attempt sample questions on each chapter and at least 2 sample exam papers. Students, who are unable to attend classes, have the option of studying by distance/online learning.

What qualification will I obtain?

Successful students will obtain the Certificate in Payroll Techniques which is accredited by QQI Higher Education, Level 6 Special Purpose qualification on the National Framework of Qualifications. The course material includes numerous examples and self assessment questions which students can use to develop their knowledge while they study. The course is extremely practical and interesting and is designed to allow students to progress at a realistic pace. Whether you already work in payroll, or not, you will find this course extremely interesting, practical and relevant to you.

Who should enrol?

  •   Anyone who is responsible for maintaining a company’s PAYE, PRSI and USC records
  •   People responsible for the completion of PAYE, PRSI and USC Returns
  •   Accounts Managers and staff
  •   People working in a finance department
  •   Accountants and Accounting Technicians
  •   People who wish to improve their knowledge of the Irish PAYE, PRSI and USC system
  •   Anyone who wants to obtain a valuable qualification


* programme currently under review

Benefits to You

- Hold a QQI accredited Level 6, Special Purpose qualification
- Become an invaluable member of their employers’ financial team, by being aware of their employer’s compliance obligations in a highly technical area
- Greatly enhance their career development prospects
- Enhance their payroll skills, their technical expertise and confidence
- Develop their professional skills and abilities through the application of advanced training
- Develop a network of contacts in a range of businesses working in the same specialist field as themselves

Benefits to Employer

- Have a highly skilled individual with a unique technical knowledge of every employer’s compliance requirements in relation to payroll
- Know that their largest tax liabilities are being managed by a person who holds a specialist professional qualification
- Gain an improved service which will being real financial, organisational and practical benefits to the organisation
- Enhance your staff development by assisting them to obtain a valuable qualification
- Recognise the need to have a truly professional payroll working environment
- Reduce the potential of incurring penalties and other charges from the Revenue Commissioners, Department of Social Protection and National Employment Rights Authority

Online Learning

IPASS also offers the CPT course through a distance/online learning option. This means that students can study at their own pace and at a time and location that suits them best.

The distance/online learning pack that each student receives contains everything that is required to enable them to tackle their studies with confidence to include:

- Comprehensive Course Manual
- A detailed study guide
- Practice questions and suggested solutions
- Sample papers and suggested solutions
- Telephone access to a tutor
- Online presentations which can be accessed at any time via laptop and desktop
- Online Quizzes and past Exam papers

Learner Protection

In compliance with Section 65(4)(a) of the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012, Learner Protection arrangements have been put in place with O’Driscoll O’Neil Insurance, should the Irish Payroll Association (IPASS) cease to provide any of the following QQI programmes before learners have completed awards:

Certificate in Payroll Techniques 6S15578 Award Level 6

Certificate in Payroll Management 6S15579 Award Level 6

Certificate in VAT Techniques 6S15580 Award Level 6

IPASS confirms that:

- It has made a full disclosure of all facts and information pertinent to the Protection of Enrolled Learners (PEL) arrangements to QQI.
- It has taken appropriate steps to satisfy itself that the PEL arrangements in respect of each programme are adequate and meet the legal obligations under Part 6 of the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012.
- The PEL arrangements are valid for the full period of accreditation for the programme.
- It shall notify learners and QQI in writing of any change in the arrangements IPASS has in place as soon as possible but in any case, not later than 14 days, after becoming aware of that change. - - Any changes to the PEL arrangement for the QQI accredited programmes set out in this document and notified to QQI will be managed by IPASS.

IPASS is required to share your enrolment details with O’Driscoll O’Neil Insurance for this purpose and each student will receive correspondence from our insurers regarding same.

This insurance premium will be covered by IPASS.


Schedule of Student Fees for 2018/2019

- Student Registration €200
- Course Fee (Classroom/Distance Learning) €990/€740
- Revision Day (Optional - per stage) €100
- Examination Deferral Fee €75
- Re-check of Examination Paper (per paper) €30
- Re-sit Examination Fee €50

Exam & Revision Day Dates

Exam Dates

Main Examinations
- Saturday 8th December 2018
- Saturday 25th May 2019

Repeat Examinations
- Saturday 2nd February
- Saturday 10th August

Revision Days (Nationwide)
- Saturday 24th November
- Saturday 11th May

For your convenience we have several different ways you can pay your fees. Full details available here

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What Our Students Say

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  I have worked in payroll for 10 years but have learnt more about payroll in the past few weeks.

- Marion Martyn    

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