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    Tim has worked as an international payroll manager for over 20 years, and has direct payroll experience in over 30 countries. Based in the UK, he writes and lectures on all aspects of global payroll. He also runs a cunsultancy firm dedicated to providing solutions to international payroll problems.


    CPD/CPE Hours
    Attendance at this seminar may qualify for 3 CPD/CPE hours for members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland, the Irish Taxation Institute, the Law Society, Accounting Technicians Ireland and other professional bodies.

    International markets continue to grow in importance for Irish companies, and with this growth comes an expansion of compliance requirements. Whether you are sending expatriates into a country or taking on a small local payroll as part of an acquisition or branch opening, your business will need to ensure it meets all of its obligations.

    Outsourcing the payroll function may seem the best solution, but the company remains legally liable for any mistakes the outsource partner may make. It is therefore important that the end client is aware of what the major tasks the outsourcer performs on their behalf, the key deadlines that they need to sign off, and how to interpret key reports and payslip information.

    Attendees will be able to accurately follow a simple pay calculation for France and Germany, and should be able to identify all of the key items on a payslip. You will also be able to:


    •   Identify all key jurisdiction deadlines
    •   Understand the penalty regimes and the consequences of getting it wrong
    •   Have a detailed understanding of the scope of service you are purchasing from an outsource partner
    •   Understand how to keep up to date with changes in both jurisdictions, and be able to challenge your outsource provider to ensure such changes are made
    •   Identify what information you need to pass to the outsource partner and why you have to provide it


    French Payroll Course Programme

    •   Taxation - rate & allowances
    •   Introduction of PAYE from 2018
    •   Social Security - employer registration
    •   DPAE submission on new starters
    •   SIRET/APE numbers
    •   TFE service
    •   Structure of Pole Emploi
    •   Structure of ASSEDIC/AGIRC/ARRCO
    •   Structure of Groupe Novalis Taitbout
    •   Monthly DUCS return (electronic)
    •   Annual DADS return (electronic)
    •   Nominative Social Statement – DSN return
    •   Make up to gross
    •   Individual calculation of each of the separate social security deductions
    •   The Reduction Fillion
    •   Remittance of deductions
    •   Payroll administrative requirements (payslips etc)
    •   Share options and profit sharing schemes
    •   Payroll Tax
    •   Support for disabled workers – Taxe Agefiph
    •   Employment Law
    •   Interns
    •   Collective Bargaining Agreements
    •   Working time and RTT
    •   Sickness, Maternity and Paternity leave
    •   Annual Leave
    •   Cadre Vs Non Cadre status
    •   Expenses and Benefits
    •   Employment contracts (CDI Vs CDD)
    •   Look at some websites and guidance on French system available in English
    •   Where to find detailed French guidance (which would need to be translated)


    German Payroll Course Programme


    •   Registration of new employees including EEA citizens from other countries
    •   Starter process
    •   Leaver process
    •   German payroll vocabulary – to read a payslip
    •   Make up to gross pay
    •   Special rules for shift pay (tax/social insurance free)
    •   BIK valorisation
    •   Tax free expenses
    •   Tax calculation
    •   Tax Classes
    •   Tax cards
    •   ELStAM electronic reporting to Tax Authority
    •   Online calculator for performing gross to net
    •   Church taxes
    •   Solidarity surcharge
    •   Lump sum wage/church tax
    •   Monthly reporting and remittance
    •   Annual reporting
    •   Social insurance – contribution statement
    •   Health insurance
    •   Nursing care insurance
    •   Pension insurance
    •   Unemployment insurance
    •   Accident insurance
    •   DEUEV electronic reporting
    •   Insurance company set up
    •   Rates
    •   Social insurance number
    •   Company pension schemes – 5 different types
    •   Insolvency cover
    •   Employment of disabled people – employer penalty charge
    •   Wages garnishments
    •   Relevant employment law
    •   Sickness, maternity and paternity leave and pay
    •   Annual leave
    •   HMini Jobber
    •   Minimum wage and Collective Bargaining Agreements
    •   A look at some relevant websites

    Each of these courses will use translated material wherever possible, and will also demonstrate the Google Translate facility which can be activated within Google Chrome to provide web page translation of official websites.


    Course Fees (per course):  IPASS Member     Non Member  

                                                       €175                    €225                         




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